80kW Apartment system

We love the Shire, so an opportunity to work in our neck of the woods on an apartment block who decided to go solar was perfect.

This project required us to work with a variety of stakeholders and pay close attention to approvals and engineering due to it’s location. We were also required to fit special grid network protection equipment, something we are seeing more frequently these day.

We paid special attention to fitting the solar array’s flat to the roof to minimise aesthetic impacts and the inverter and control switchgear was all roof mounted in a common area. This project featured ABB/PowerOne inverters which are great when multiple arrays facing multiple directions are required. We also fitted a SolarLog monitoring system which allows the owners and MGA Solar to monitor the system in great detail and get fault alerts if anything goes wrong in the future; and important part of our after sales service offer.

Astute readers will also note the extensive use of safety equipment in the image gallery. We take the safety of our staff very seriously and in this case used guard railings and kick boards to protect residents and visitors to the site too.

Another great solar project for the Shire!