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20kw Sea Breeze Apartments system

The Sea Breeze Apartments  were formerly known as “Your Horse and Cart”, a favourite drinking hole I frequented as a young man looking for that special someone.

Recently converted to apartments, solar was a natural part of the upgrade. Today, the facility is a modern luxury apartment block with five floors and amazing views up and down the gorgeous Georges River.

Being highly exposed to westerly wind that accelerate up the terraced apartments, the fixings in the mounting frame had to be carefully designed and installed to meet wind loading requirements.

The Spanish Terracotta tiles had to be specially ground and modified to accommodate the brackets making it a very tedious, time consuming job but well worth it for the view you got at morning tea on the roof

looking down the river.

100kw CMPS Pty Ltd system

When taking on a system of this magnitude there is a lot of planning and negotiating with local utility’s, engineers, designers and of course the client, also with recent changes in the Australian standards there were many issues to consider.

Working together with BTS Energy we were given the task of putting 400 panels on an east and west facing aspect and due to engineering confinements weren’t able tilt the system, the roof had a 10 degree pitch and when facing the panels to the East or West you lose about 13% efficiency but the size of the system more than compensated for the loss.

After months of planning , 4 weeks on the job and a lot of very hot summer days on the roof the job was complete and is now producing on average over 400kw/hrs a day putting a major dent in CMPS’s energy bill and is looking to pay itself off in about 5 years.

10KW KCST Composites system

After being given a relatively easy looking job at CST Composites Kurnell to do, the owner informed me of the high winds associated with the site.

Kurnell is on a peninsular of land between Botany Bay to the west and Bate Bay to the East. With the excessive amounts of sand mining over the last 2twenty years, Kurnell has been left exposed to winds from all directions with little or no natural or man-made structures to diffuse the winds ferocity.

The factory roof was sloping to the east and to the west with a very minimal pitch so a tilted system was needed and luckily for the owner of CST, the roof structure was very robust. Of course, we went through all the relevant engineering approvals, to make sure.

After consulting with engineers we decided to go with the Sunlock tilting system, an Australian produced product with more than enough options and technical backup to do the job.

Since the job was completed 2 years ago Clive has received winds in excess of 90 km/hr on several occasions and nothing has budged.

Clive is now considering putting in another 10 kW System on his eastern roof.