Budget Packages

All our Budget packages use the popular Canadian 260w panels matched with precision German designed, highly reliable Delta inverters.

  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (STC’s) are created, assigned to MGA Solar and used as a point of sale discount to the customer at $36 per STC.
  • All Utility applications paperwork
  • Supply and installation of abovementioned panels, inverters, all electrical and associated mounting systems.
  • Installation completed by Clean Energy Council accredited electrician.
  • Tilt frames. When you have a flat roof and it is necessary to install additional framework to the mounting system to achieve an adequate tilt angle.
  • Multi-storey residences. Additional charges may apply where there is difficulty in getting access to solar panel location requiring safety harnessing and/or troublesome cable routing.
  • Excessive cable runs. Additional charges may apply where excessive cable runs are required.
  • Grid-connected metering. (This can be arranged by MGA)