Solar for home

Choosing a solar package for your home can be complicated – but our aim is to help make the process as simple as possible.

We have bundled a variety of products into different packages to suit every home and budget, and have some great guides and tools to assist you, listed below.

Of course, we are accredited with the Clean Energy Council and adhere to their standards and guidelines meticulously. If you are considering a solar system for your Residential property, you might be interested in their Guide to Installing Residential Solar which provides some great tips and advice on what to look for.

You might also like to see what you can fit on your roof using this fantastic tool created by LG Solar. Their calculator is really simple to use and gives you a great feel for what’s possible.

If you would like some help with choosing energy efficient products, check out this web page on how to choose the most Energy Efficient Appliances.

We plan to be in the solar industry for a long time and don’t want to have to go around replacing faulty equipment. We also want you to recommend our company to your friends and family with the knowledge and confidence that you are recommending the best quality products installed to the best quality industry standard, it’s that simple.


  1. All prices are inclusive of GST.
  2. Renewable Energy Certificates (STC’s) are created, assigned to MGA Solar and used as a point of sale discount to the customer at $35 per STC.


  • All Utility applications paperwork
  • Supply and installation of above mentioned panels, inverters, all electrical and associated mounting system.
  • Installation completed by Clean Energy Council accredited electrician.
  • Grid connected metering.


  • Tilt frames. This is when you have a flat roof and it is necessary to install additional frame work to the  mounting system to achieve adequate tilt angle.
  • Multi storey residences. Additional charges may apply where there is difficulty in getting access to solar panel
  • location and/or troublesome cable routing.
  • Excessive cable runs. Additional charges may apply where excessive cable runs are required.